Don and Betty Draper: TV Show Couples Who Would Never Work In Real Life and the Importance of Cultural Change

When Don and Betty Draper debuted on Mad Men, season one, their relationship and the whole show began as a bit of a novelty. It infused the cultural dynamics of the 60s into a show that felt refreshing. Don and Betty were the quintessential 60’s couple that people nowadays often look back on fondly. They were the old-fashioned couple, holding hands, in a traditional world, sticking to wholesome values.

The Myth of the 60s

Of course, all of this is a bit of a myth. Don and Betty had major problems in identity, faithfulness, and other complex issues. Mad Men loved to explore the dynamics of the times, and how these dynamics are eerily similar to what is present today. The Don and Betty relationship could be looked at as a rewarding and positive one. This is a distressing thought, considering the situations that occurred with infidelity on both sides …

More Than Just 911: Your Phone In An Emergency After A Traffic Accident

A traffic accident can occur when a driver least expects it. Even if someone attempts to remain safe while driving, other drivers can cause a wreck if they are not paying attention or are driving too quickly. Areas where construction is taking place or portions of roadways that are being used for detours can also pose a risk. If someone is involved in an accident, they can use the steps below to assist with the situation.

File A Formal Report

A formal report should be filed with a law official. Even if another party does not stop to assess an incident and attempts to speed away, it is crucial that measures are taken to report a crime so that a law official can attempt to apprehend the other person.

A description of a vehicle, conditions leading up to an accident, and what the other driver looked like will help a …

The Law Can Make Or Break Your Business, So How Well Do You Know It? Protect Your Business From Employment Lawsuits

The laws surrounding businesses are vast and a failure to at least have a basic understanding of the laws can lead to significant legal issues for the business. Before they hire their first employee, they will need to be sure they understand what they can and cannot do. This will help protect the business from an employment lawsuit.

Discrimination in a Business Setting

Businesses cannot fail to hire someone just because they are part of a protected class. They can decline to hire someone in a protected class if the person is not able to do the job with reasonable accommodations or if they do not have the skills required to be employed. Basically, the person has to be considered the same as anyone else who might apply for the job. Failing to hire someone just because of a protected status could lead to an employment lawsuit.

Worker’s Compensation for