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Text Marketing Tips

Texting is considered the most convenient method of communication these days. And this is the case in all aspects of the today’s life. In fact, texting is more efficient and accessible than the emails. It is instantaneous.

When it comes to marketing business products and services, texting is extremely converting, and a lot of businesses are gaining great returns from this marketing approach. Text marketing comes with a lot of advantages. It is affordable – whether small businesses or large ones.

You see, even a small business can run a formidable campaign through texting, just like a global company. And customers are receptive. They do not put out these texts, and in fact, they even choose to share these texts with their colleagues and friends. If you have plans to run a campaign for your business, you may need to venture into text marketing strategy – you will get the traffic that you need within no time.

Nevertheless, there are essentials that you need to look at when venturing into this kind of strategy. Read on and build your knowledge on how to run a successful text message marketing strategy.

First, you need to make your clientele happy by recognizing them and asking for their permission. You see, you will receive lesser complaints and achieve better results if you had given your customers an opportunity to sign up for your messages.

You should avoid purchasing lists of mobile contacts and sending random undesired texts. That will automatically put off your potential customers. It is comparable to spam emails.

It is also important that you include your call to action every time you come into contact with your clients. Be it business cards, postcards, menus, flyers, email signatures and more.

You should design a short code that is both simple and direct when it comes to signing up, for example, send JOE to 7776. You also need to include an opt-out-plan. You need to have uncomplicated keyword and a short code that they will use, for example: text STO to 7777. Your clients need not find it hard to opt out your text messages.

It is also crucial that you keep your messages simple. Your text messages need to be clear on what you want them to do. You need to be clear on your call of action section. If your text marketing is meant for an appointment reminder, make sure that you indicate the time and the venue accurately. You also need to ensure that you keep your texts timely and relevant to the target group.

It is essential that you being honest. You see, you always need to ensure that you give your clients a chance to believe that whatever they are signing up, they will get what is relevant to them and that which they expected from you.

And more importantly, you need to ensure that you offer incentives to your clients.

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